December 30, 2013

What's What Mondays ~!!

Yeeee it's What's What Mondays

-Glen Coco-
-Good friends from Canada-
-Uhhh The NEW Year!-
-White walls and wood floors-
-changing your life for the better-

-It's sad, but Christmas-
-crying about christmas being over (that should already be out of your system)-
-being single (I'm over it)-
-paying rent-
-paying for anything in general-
-not having things given to you (it's like what gives, just give me things!!!)-

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December 28, 2013

O U T F I T ~Post

Grunge Grunge Grunge Outfit Post Time ~!
Hope you guys enjoy, I just felt like going there with the old Levi's jean jacket and flannel tied around my waste. Why not. Shirt from Target, pants from H&M, Flannel from H&M, shoes Vans, and Jacket Levis!

Photos taken by Re-bea-bea shout out to you!


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December 21, 2013

O U T F I T ~Post

Outfit post day! This time it's not a couple of days late! *thumbs up*
SO the sweater I'm wearing is my new sweater for my line, Miloh (! Really happy with how it turned out! I'm also wearing a grey thermal under it from H&M! Like I mentioned before I'm really into thermals under sweaters right now. It's like yeah collars work too, but what about thermals doe. The pants I'm wearing are also from H&M! I hope you guys enjoy the photos!

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December 19, 2013

Online Shopping :: Suzie's Closet

Hey guys! My sister and I have teamed up :D We are selling some of her gently used items on my brand's site (! Check out the stuff we got up for sale! Also let me know what you guys think of the Miloh site I would love to hear your feedback!

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December 17, 2013

Late ... O U T F I T ~Post

Hi guys I'm really sorry this outfit post is so late! I usually do them on Saturdays, but I got a new job and it's been loco, but good. I hope you enjoy this one! I have on my baseball shirt that I got from urban, and my new pants that I got from H and M! They're skinnys and soooooo coool new favorite pair of pants and they were only $20! Then I have my red vans that I've had sense high school hah. They're really cool and kinda torn and stuff. I also have on two new things that I got from Pac Sun with my giftcards! The jacket and sweater from the brand On The Byas! One of my favorite brands! Always have great, simple, perfect pieces! Also my hair is getting so long I need to get a haircut!!! Ahhhhh my next haircut I will officially be getting all the blonde cut out of my hair! Which lol I don't even know if from my past posts you can really tell I have some blonde in my hair. Maybe. Hope everyone is doing well!

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December 7, 2013

O U T F I T ~Post

So the leaves are REALLY starting to change color and fall and it's all so great! And it's starting to get cold! Christmas is coming and YES I already got all my of gifts on black Friday! No stress and last minute hurry shopping. I can kick back and enjoy! 
So my favorite color is black. I love wearing it and it's so easy. I also love wearing preppy clothes with accents of black I think it's just a really great balance. The button up shirt that I'm wearing is actually from this great brand called Tailor4Less ! I went on their website a couple of weeks ago and customized my own button up! The walk through was supper easy with a great graphics! The customer services was easy and answered all of my questions! I highly recommend them! I love my new button up!! 
So my friend Sam went back to college and where she goes to school it is crazy cold and is snowing! She sent me pictures! It's like another world. It's funny because In LA it obviously doesn't snow, but growing up here I'm so used to warm Christmases! In my mind there is like nothing els haha. I need to get out of this city and experience the rest of the world. I need to have a snowy Christmas. It's on my bucket list. For sure though.
Hat:: Miloh Button Up:: Tailor4Less Sweater:: Thrift Pants:: H&M Shoes:: Vans

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December 1, 2013

New Miloh Editorial ~! :: Reservoir

Yep new Miloh (my clothing line) editorial! And what's that ?! I'm modeling in it! I hope you guys like the new Miloh editorial featuring me and my good friend Wyni! In the shoot we played a couple which was REALLY funny because I grew up with Wyni! She has been my sister's good friend sense literally I've been in preschool. Haha so that was funny to shoot. But I'm really happy with how they turned out. My other friend Jadan took the photos in which I later edited. The shoot is a collaboration between Miloh x Katie Dean Jewelry x and Jaybird Denim (my friend Jadan's custom denim line and of course my other friend Katie's jewelry line). The shoot was so much fun to do! It was an awesome group and I hope you guys enjoy the photos! Let me know what you think I would love to hear some feedback! Also you can follow Miloh on instagram (I use that way more then my personal one) @MilohClothing !

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November 26, 2013

Brand :: Katie Dean Jewelry

 Alright so the LA based jewelry brand Katie Dean Jewelry is dope, no questions asked just straight up rad. I've done a couple of collab. shoots with Katie Dean Jewelry with Miloh (my clothing brand) before and Katie Dean is such a cool chick and really sweet! Actually another one of our collab. shoots is coming out this Sunday (December 1st) on the Miloh site so make sure to check that vibe out (at the very bottom of the post is a sneak peek of the shoot)! Below are my favorite jewels from her shop (I know I picked a lot, but that's just because everything she puts out is spot on). Also as you can tell I'm really into using parentheses in this post (because they're boss, duh). Alright cool so tell me what you think of Katie Dean Jewelry I'm sure you will love her stuff, check out here shop HERE!

Sneak peek of my collab. with KDJ (& another clothing line called Jaybird Denim) coming out 
Dec. 1 this Sunday on the Miloh website!
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November 23, 2013

O U T F I T ~Post :: Just Another Fall Day In L.A.

  Outfit Post Saturdays!
Yo you guys! So it's that time of the week! Your favorite time when it's outfit post day. Dats right. So it's finally getting really windy and semi cold here in Los Angeles. Below I layered a little with my denim button up and varsity cardigan (that I got on sale at Urban ;D)! I enjoyed playing in the leaves with my friend Rebecca who took these photos. Shout out to Rebecca, you da best! So yeah basically late November in L.A. consists of being able to go hiking with shorts on, but wanting to wear a comfortable sweater too. If you catch my drift. The one thing that's actually getting really crazy are the winds! They're REALLY picking up. Which I enjoyed at first, but now I'm like hmmm it's kinda too windy for me right now. I do really enjoy the sound of the winds outside my window when I'm like in my room really warm! Though the other night my side gate unhatched and was slamming and it woke everyone up and obviously no one wanted to get up in the middle of the night and go outside in the wind and close it... So that was a bit annoying, but anyways... YES thanksgiving is next week and YES i'm stocked! Side note I need to start posting more photos on my 'KiidClark' Instagram! Right? If you're not following me get on it bro! It's @Kiidclark and you should see me posting more ;D Also follow my clothing brand's Instagram @MilohClothing! As well check my clothing brand's site and maybe put a piece on your holiday gift list, if you know what I'm say'n! Okay anyways my outfit post is below let me know what you think of it!

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