October 16, 2013

My Trip To Lake Arrowhead

This past weekend I made it up to Lake Arrowhead with some family and friends. We left Friday got back Sunday. The cabin we stayed in had a huge fire place. It was constantly roaring which was perfect! The cabin was actually really cool! Below are some photos of it.

On Saturday we went into town to check out this pumpkin patch/ October fest event that was happening. Later in the event we went to this place where the kids in our group could ride on rides towards the way back of the festival. No one was really around that area, but we SUDDENLY saw a group of really stylish people with their kids going on the rides. And I whispered to my sister "Where did all these really stylish people come from?" Then a couple of minutes later we recognized it was actually Gwen Stefani, her kids, her friends, and their kids. That was cool to see. Below are some photos from the event.

Best coffee shop! I suggest going there if you're ever in Arrow Head. SUPPER affordable too!

One of my favorite parts from the trip was when we took walks on the side of the lake. Here is a shot.
And that was my trip! Supper chill and relaxing.
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  1. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like an awesome trip!

    1. Thank you! I took them all off of my iPhone! But edited them a little in photoshop haha. Yes it was (: I love Lake Arrowhead now that was my first time up.