November 26, 2013

Brand :: Katie Dean Jewelry

 Alright so the LA based jewelry brand Katie Dean Jewelry is dope, no questions asked just straight up rad. I've done a couple of collab. shoots with Katie Dean Jewelry with Miloh (my clothing brand) before and Katie Dean is such a cool chick and really sweet! Actually another one of our collab. shoots is coming out this Sunday (December 1st) on the Miloh site so make sure to check that vibe out (at the very bottom of the post is a sneak peek of the shoot)! Below are my favorite jewels from her shop (I know I picked a lot, but that's just because everything she puts out is spot on). Also as you can tell I'm really into using parentheses in this post (because they're boss, duh). Alright cool so tell me what you think of Katie Dean Jewelry I'm sure you will love her stuff, check out here shop HERE!

Sneak peek of my collab. with KDJ (& another clothing line called Jaybird Denim) coming out 
Dec. 1 this Sunday on the Miloh website!
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  1. OMG so beautiful... Loved all but the leafe ring is my fav...