November 2, 2013

O U T F I T Post ~!

Woot woot
It's Saturday. Outfit Post day! *thumbs up*
Right now I'm really feeling bandanas. Here I went with a black one so I wouldn't be mistaken for being in a gang. Yeah I think of things like that... #LAproblems And hopefully a black bandana isn't a gang color. I wouldn't know. ALSO I'm digging a great full sweaters with a thin long acid washed shirt flowing underneath. It's awesome because it mixes the preppy with the grunge. My goal in life. Then of course I just go with a simple black bear of Levis and my good ol' Docy boys.

Sweater- American Eagle Bandana- My sisters room (because I'm hard like that) Shirt- Thrift-ed Pants- Levis Shoes- Doc Martins


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