December 17, 2013

Late ... O U T F I T ~Post

Hi guys I'm really sorry this outfit post is so late! I usually do them on Saturdays, but I got a new job and it's been loco, but good. I hope you enjoy this one! I have on my baseball shirt that I got from urban, and my new pants that I got from H and M! They're skinnys and soooooo coool new favorite pair of pants and they were only $20! Then I have my red vans that I've had sense high school hah. They're really cool and kinda torn and stuff. I also have on two new things that I got from Pac Sun with my giftcards! The jacket and sweater from the brand On The Byas! One of my favorite brands! Always have great, simple, perfect pieces! Also my hair is getting so long I need to get a haircut!!! Ahhhhh my next haircut I will officially be getting all the blonde cut out of my hair! Which lol I don't even know if from my past posts you can really tell I have some blonde in my hair. Maybe. Hope everyone is doing well!

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1 comment:

  1. I love when i see people wearing 2 jackets together, too much style for one guy!!! AWSOME