December 1, 2013

New Miloh Editorial ~! :: Reservoir

Yep new Miloh (my clothing line) editorial! And what's that ?! I'm modeling in it! I hope you guys like the new Miloh editorial featuring me and my good friend Wyni! In the shoot we played a couple which was REALLY funny because I grew up with Wyni! She has been my sister's good friend sense literally I've been in preschool. Haha so that was funny to shoot. But I'm really happy with how they turned out. My other friend Jadan took the photos in which I later edited. The shoot is a collaboration between Miloh x Katie Dean Jewelry x and Jaybird Denim (my friend Jadan's custom denim line and of course my other friend Katie's jewelry line). The shoot was so much fun to do! It was an awesome group and I hope you guys enjoy the photos! Let me know what you think I would love to hear some feedback! Also you can follow Miloh on instagram (I use that way more then my personal one) @MilohClothing !

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  1. OMG Perfect!!!!! I LOVED all the photos, this editorial is one of the best .I WANT...!!!!

  2. Great pics and great collection- Is this something you would want available internationally? especially over here in the UK?

    1. Yes! We do ship internationally from out website, but it would be really cool if we got into stores in the UK!