December 7, 2013

O U T F I T ~Post

So the leaves are REALLY starting to change color and fall and it's all so great! And it's starting to get cold! Christmas is coming and YES I already got all my of gifts on black Friday! No stress and last minute hurry shopping. I can kick back and enjoy! 
So my favorite color is black. I love wearing it and it's so easy. I also love wearing preppy clothes with accents of black I think it's just a really great balance. The button up shirt that I'm wearing is actually from this great brand called Tailor4Less ! I went on their website a couple of weeks ago and customized my own button up! The walk through was supper easy with a great graphics! The customer services was easy and answered all of my questions! I highly recommend them! I love my new button up!! 
So my friend Sam went back to college and where she goes to school it is crazy cold and is snowing! She sent me pictures! It's like another world. It's funny because In LA it obviously doesn't snow, but growing up here I'm so used to warm Christmases! In my mind there is like nothing els haha. I need to get out of this city and experience the rest of the world. I need to have a snowy Christmas. It's on my bucket list. For sure though.
Hat:: Miloh Button Up:: Tailor4Less Sweater:: Thrift Pants:: H&M Shoes:: Vans

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  1. There's plenty of snow here in Ohio already!
    I also love the color black and sometimes I wear it too much,
    setting off a "goth" vibe. So I really like your idea of pairing it
    with more preppy clothing. I never really thought about doing that.
    Cheers :)

    1. yeah it works pretty well! I'm happy I could help!

  2. Just Loved it ... and OMG what beatiful place to took pictuctes!!! where is it????

    1. Lol right down the street from my house. It's like the perfect street I wish I live on it!