January 25, 2014

O U T F I T Post ~!

Yay outfit post saturday! So I bought this great new grey thermal from the thrift store Cross Roads! It is SOO soft and amazing! I snagged it for only $18!!!! Originally like $40! I'm supper happy with it and I know it's going to become a major staple in my closet. It's from the brand Marine Layer. The flannel I got awhile back from a thrift store as well. I think from Buffalo Exchange. But it was originally from H&M lol. The jacket is my sisters, she has a lot of mens clothes for some reason. From the brand NĂ¼co. It's like one of my favorite jackets because of the fuzzy collar! AND of course my jeans are from H&M because those are the only ones that fit me. UGH struggles. I can never find a pair of jeans that fit my oddly large bottom half, except for H&M jeans.

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