February 14, 2014


- chill -
Okayyyy SO gotta love a good sweater with a black collared shirt underneath, am I right? Also gotta bring that prep look down with a snapback. So the sweater and snapback are from my clothing line, Miloh! Check it out also we are having a sale right now enter code 'ICECREAM' at checkout to receive 35% off your entire order *excluding items from Suzie's Closet though. Find the site HERE! AND GUESS WHAT? My black collared shirt is Prada! I know how random, right?! My sister's friend was cleaning his closet out and she passed it on to me! LOL I'm such a hood rat.
Hope everyone is doing great!
Be #quiche.

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  1. I like the way you take advantage of night to take pictures. It brings a very intense and warm atmosphere.
    And awesome Chill pullover!

    Ella for Modus Man - modusman.wordpress.com

  2. Love how you chilled the whole thing out with the right snapback..