February 12, 2014

Grunge Quiche Vibes

Hey everyone I'm really sorry I've been really inactive! I'm mainley going to be doing outfit posts on this blog for now on. If I find really interesting things on the web that I just have to share I will, but mostly it will be outfit posts. I will try to do three a week, but sometimes things might get a lil crazyyyy, so bare with meh. ANYWAYS here is my outfit post for today! 
SO as you can tell I still have a little of blonde in my hair and I'm into it man! This look was like all of my grunge feels pouring out. I was also kinda festival inspired. Like this would be a great and easy Coachella at night look vibe. Black bandanas are my favorite, hopefully it's NOT a gang color I always feel like little like ehh when I wear it out, but I mean, yeah...... Anyways I got the bandana from my sister, but I'm sure you can find one anywhere. The poncho thing was actually bought for me from my friend's grandmother when we went to go visit his grandparents in Vegas. They bought us both ponchos from a stand in one of the casinos. I think my friend got a black one..... no a green one LOL. I wonder if people thought we looked like Christmas? But like these shorts I'm wearing though are awesome! They were old Levis I just had lying around my house and I just cut them one day. Rolled up the legs a little and was like oh wow how tots #quiche. The shoes were my sister's boyfriends that he didn't want anymore so I like scooped those as fast as possible. LOL and yeah that's about it. Hope you liked my outfit post. I hoped I inspired some grunge/ festival looks!!!!  
Hope everyone is doing great! 
Be #quiche.

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  1. Will you still be doing playlists? I like those, they pointed me to some great new music.