March 23, 2014

Middle School

hahah sorry for not posting for SO long! I've been really REALLY busy with my clothing line, Miloh and life has been crazy! But I'm back now so everything in the world is okay!
Hope you enjoy this outfit post! My friend Rebecca helped me put it together. At first I was reluctant to wear so much color, which is kinda funny because it's not even THAT much, but after I put it on I was like 'ahhh yeah diggin it'! I hope you 'ahhh yeah dig it' too! The vibe is kinda like a play on a school boy with the semi prep colorful look and cartoon jumper, but obviously you know me gotta insert some grunge!

Snapback - Miloh 
Collard Shirt - H&M
Jumper -  Thrift Store (no brand tag)
Shorts - Levis (cut)
Shoes - Converse


LOL outtake?

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  1. That's definitely not too much colour! Loving the sweatshirt.

  2. Nice post, the sweathshirt is great!!! and the picture are so nice, and funny =)