March 30, 2014


What's good doe?!
SO festival season is coming up! AND this is like my kinda festival outfit post! To me festivals...  (Cochella, lets be honest) lol no I mean there are a lot of festivals, but for ones in the desert (Coachella) you need to dress obviously cool and hippie like, but also practical. YES practical, because you're actually in a desert aaandddd you're in a desert. So I suggest you dress in layers. Because during the day it is typically extremely hot so you wear a loose fitting tee that is breezy and fun, but you layer it with a thick flannel that you tie around your waste during the day. So when it gets cold at night you have something to cover up in! Also try and wear shoes with support, docs are a great option! But whatever practical clothes you wear make sure to keep the vibe festival-y (a.k.a. hippe, loose and free vibe). Festivals are a lot of fun! I went to Coachella last year! This year I'm not going even though the lineup is a dream come true! It looks like it's just not in my cards this year and I'm not into that vibe. That's a half empty vibe, and I'm not digging it. LOL do any of you understand my slang? Anyways If I do end up at Coachella this year my life WILL be complete! I mean I have friends going, but everyone's hotel rooms are MAXED OUT and stuffed and I can't fit ): WHY! Why world?! I hope you enjoy the outfit post and have fun at any festivals you do go to this year :D

Glasses - Ray Bans
Flannel - Target (I KNOW)
Shirt - Obey
Pants - H&M
Shoes - JCrew

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  1. I totally dig your outfit (did I get the slang right?)
    You should go to Coachella, and if you don't, there's always a next a year and an even better line up.

    Greetings from Mexico