April 6, 2014

Schools OUT

UGH Schools out FOREVER!
So SO so SO this outfit post I like a lot! I use to dress REAL preppy, but lately I've been getting into grunge A LOT! And so I always love going back to dressing preppy here and there. I also love that laid back preppy vibe, not the preppy vibe that is just too much. You know? Like I would not be into someone dressed preppy and acting snobby and too much. I'm into preppy laid back. Hope that makes a lick of sense LOL.

Enjoy the post! (:

Glasses - Ray Bans
Cardigan - Heritage
Shirt - Alfani
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Vans

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  1. The preppy look is great I love it for everyday and on weekends you can mix in a little grunge with some ripped jeans!