September 30, 2014


I seriously love this season, NO JOKE! I already sort of feel the weather changing... well kinda... okay fine it's still pretty hot still... ): I need wind, I need a slight draft, and I need the leaves to change color already!! I can't wait any longer! And hopefully it will rain more than four times this winter! Please let it rain more than four times this year, last year was honestly just a let down. I'm going to be starting up my photo journals again very soon! Sorry I haven't been doing them I've just been SO busy.. I know such annoying excuse, but ugh, life, right.
Here is a quick pic of my sister, Katy and I we're being very quiche.. and if you don't know the slang version of quiche by now look it up, it will change your life.. even though it was to suppose to have changed your life around 6 months ago, but whatever better late than never.

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1 comment:

  1. I know what song you're listening to. ...
    Kiss- is .... rock and roll all nigth
    am I right?
    is because I love rock ... everyone listens to me rock.